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An insight into Parking lot painting.

Parking lot painting refers to the color pattern followed by the parking lot operators to distinguish areas meant for different categories of cars. The painting in a parking lot generally speaks volumes to the driver or passenger as they first enter the parking lot. Many people often take for granted the amount of work and thought that goes into the preparation of the parking lot that they use every day. But, painting a parking lot is often times not as simple as it looks.
Painting is carried out for three separate blocks within the parking lot. The first painting is meant to guide the cars to the parking lot concerned. The second painting pattern indicates the spot for parking the car. The third painting indicates the exit route for the vehicles. Normally, all parking lots have uniform colors. The parking lots are colored in blue, white, yellow, and black and these color patterns are usually decided by the parking authorities. These colors are meant to convey different messages and have to be universally appealing to the car owners. Even disability zones are normally painted different to the rest of the parking zones for quick and easy differentiation.