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A Wheel Stop By Any Other Name

Have you ever given much of a thought to what keeps your vehicle from rolling away when you park it in a parking garage or in a parking lot? Wheel stops are sometimes known by other names, such as parking bumpers or parking blocks, but are beneficial to have placed in your parking lot or parking garage if you want to help your customers to keep their cars intact.

Most people do not think about wheel stops immediately because we are so used to seeing them. Any parking lot or parking garage you go into will have wheel stops placed in specific places. The purpose of these is to not only help mark where the vehicles should be parked, but also to help keep the vehicles where they are supposed to be. Occasionally a vehicle owner will forget to put their car in park, or their car may have a problem with it that causes it to drift on its own. Wheel stops are what keeps one vehicle from bumping into another when something malfunctions. When you’re setting up your parking lot, make sure that you put wheel stops in at the appropriate place.