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A Little Help with Truncated Domes

When you pull into a parking garage with your vehicle, do you concern yourself with the idea that it may go somewhere? Most likely you don’t. This is because cars that are parked in a garage are parked on a very flat surface, and because wheel stops exist to help keep the cars where they are supposed to be. But when you park your car, do you even think about what it must be like for a blind or visually impaired person? These people have a hard time seeing anything and sometimes need a little help in the form of truncated domes.

Truncated domes are designed to help the visually impaired much in the same way that wheel stops are designed to help the average person. They are created to help the person to “see” where the pavement is changing with their feet, giving them the ability to walk without having to worry that they will accidentally step into traffic in a parking garage or outside of one. Truncated domes are very easy to have installed and can save you tons of money and worry as well. So the next time you park, think about how much the little things around you help you on a daily basis.