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Parking Lot Striping for the Holiday Season

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, it may be time to start thinking about how you can make your parking garage better. During the holiday season, more people are taking the roads, in order to go shopping as well as to go to visit relatives, than during any other time of the year,… Read More

Happy Thanksgiving from Trueline

Today is a day when we give thanks – not only to our friends and family, but also to those who make our lives better. We at would like to thank you, our customers and friends. We enjoy our business and couldn’t do it without you contacting us and asking us to help you… Read More

Doggie Parking and Parking Lot Striping

Have you thought about the animals outside of your company? Some commercial businesses don’t think about pets, and focus only on the human traffic that they get. But, if you’ve got pedestrian traffic coming into your store, chances are that you’ve got people who would want to bring their pets with them. People love their… Read More

Parking Lot Striping and Black Friday

Let’s talk about Black Friday for a moment. If you’re a commercial business, Black Friday is likely your favorite time of year – and also your busiest. Black Friday can be worry some for any business, no matter how organized you are, simply because it is something that is so crazy and wonderful at the… Read More

What Are Detectable Warning Mats?

When more and more people are starting to slow down and to take a look around, we are noticing things. There have been a number of people recently, who have been heard to look down on detectable warning mats at their favorite store, which have been there for awhile, and who have suddenly started to… Read More

Warehouse Floor Striping and Line Striping Working Together

There are times when a business can offer you more than one plan, helping you to make your entire work area a better place. For instance, a good line striping company can not only help you to get your line striping done in your delivery area of your business, it can also help you to… Read More

Warehouse Striping 1 2 3

Need a Warehouse Floor Striping Contractor in Southern California area? Look no further. Trueline Striping Inc. is located in Anaheim, California. In the center of Orange County and the central part of Southern California. Not only do we work in Southern California, but we can travel throughout the entire state to a project. This year… Read More

Is Warehouse Floor Striping Necessary?

Can warehouse floor striping really help you to keep things more organized in your business? That depends on the type of business you have. If you’ve got a business where you store items and you never touch them again, like a large storage facility, then warehouse floor painting may help you to stay a bit… Read More

Sandblasting and Striping the L.A. Fire department Rodeo Track

Often times here at Trueline Striping, we get requests to do Sandblasting. It is a service we offer with years of experience doing it. This Fall, we were contacted by one of our long time accounts the Los Angeles Fire Department. They needed help getting rodeo tracks repainted. If your not sure what a rodeo… Read More

Curb Painting Scams

You’re at home when suddenly there is a knock on the door. It is someone standing there asking if you’d like to have curb painting done in front of your home. They only want to charge you $25 or so and, since it seems like such a slight amount of money, you decide to agree… Read More

Do Truncated Domes Need to be Brightly Colored?

Is it really necessary to have truncated domes painted bright yellow? After all, they are mainly designed to help those who are unable to see or have limited visibility. Some businesses wonder if it’s really necessary to paint the truncated domes yellow, or if any other color can be used, perhaps a color that will… Read More

Line Striping

Line Striping Trueline Striping has been Line Striping Parking Lots in Southern California for over 18 years. We are centrally located in Anaheim and we serve all surrounding counties including: Orange County Riverside County Los Angeles County San Diego County San Bernardino County Ventura County Imperial County If you have a Line Striping project that… Read More