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The Overlooked Structure: Wheel Stops

Wheel stops are often ignored in parking lots and parking garages, when, in fact, they are an extremely important part of any garage or parking lot! Without wheel stops, those who are parking in your garage may find themselves parking incorrectly and hitting another vehicle. Wheel stops not only help to provide structure for your… Read More

Wheel Stops: To Paint or Not To Paint

Some business owners ponder if they should paint wheel stops or not. They have very valid arguments against painting their wheel stops, some of which include: • A waste of money. It’s just a piece of concrete, why should you have to pay to have it painted? • It’s just paint, and they feel that… Read More

The Lifespan of Wheel Stops

Everything breaks down over time, even wheel stops. The bad thing about wheel stops breaking down is that, if they are allowed to break down enough, the rebar shows and they can become very dangerous. If you allow your wheel stops to break down extensively, you will find that you have rebar coming out of… Read More

A Helping Hand with Curb Painting

Often, curb painting and lettering seems as though it is very boring. It doesn’t look like something to get excited over, but in reality, it can be something that not only makes life easier, but that can help you out immensely. Curb painting: • Allows your delivery driver to see you. This way if you… Read More

Curb Painting – Background Colors

Have you ever put black against gray? It is a bit noticeable, but may be hard to see, especially if you’re looking at things that are stenciled. Here is a frequent scenario: A homeowner decides that he wants to have some curb painting done in front of his house, to make it easier for his… Read More

Curb Painting: The Complete Package?

There are a few websites online that are not advertising selling the “complete package necessary for curb painting”. This package, on the outside, looks good. It often includes differently sized stencils, paint, and some ideas as to how to go about painting your curb. There is, however, a problem with this. Curb painting is not… Read More

Parking Lot Striping: Straight or Angled?

When you start pondering what you’d like your parking lot striping to look like, you need to choose between two popular styles: straight or angled. Each has their own pros and cons, and each can usually be done in any lot. Angled – angled stalls can go in a variety of different degrees, including 45,… Read More

Different Kinds of Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is not just the act of putting parking lot spaces in their designated areas, it is the act of making your parking lot look neat, tidy, and easily understandable by your guests. Parking lot striping involves a number of different types of markings, including: • Crosswalks – if your guests have to… Read More

Parking Lot Striping: Costs and Sealcoating

Have you ever taken a can of spray paint and painted something on your driveway? Often young children and teens will take a can of spray paint and make interesting marks on the driveway. Some choose to make hopscotch patterns while others choose to brand the land as theirs. What is interesting is that the… Read More

Recreational Curb Painting? Not a Good Idea

Curb painting is a brilliant idea. It allows people to see exactly where your house is, making it easily identifiable for not only the 911 crews who may have to find your house, but also for any delivery crews who are going to be dropping things off at your residence. It is especially a good… Read More

Parking Lot Striping: Appreciating Your Employees

Do you own a business that is run through the mechanizations of your employees? It can be easy to forget about vital your employees are to your business, especially if you have a medium to large sized business. When you’re going about your daily routine, it is very easy to take your employees for granted…. Read More

Parking Lot Striping: Avoiding Double Parking

Have you ever had to deal with a double parking situation? Double parking can not only be dangerous, but if you are caught you will most certainly have to deal with paying an unwanted parking fine. Unfortunately double parking can be solved quickly and usually very easily through parking lot striping. The problem, however, is… Read More