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Wheel Stops: Concrete or Rubber?

The old standby for wheel stops is concrete. You can walk into almost any parking lot or parking garage and find concrete wheel stops in their usual place. Wheel stops are essential to have in your parking lot or parking garage, as they can help keep people, and property, safe. But did you know that… Read More

Wheel Stops: Breaking Down

Many people believe that anything that is made from concrete will last for forever. Unfortunately, this is not so. Concrete, just like most other materials, is apt to break down over time, and the more it is used, the quicker it will break down. The same holds true for wheel stops. Most parking lot managers… Read More

Wheel Stops Are Extremely Important

Wheel Stops serve a very important function when they are being used in a parking lot. They not only help those parking in your parking lot know where they should park and how far they should pull in, they also help to prevent damage to property, including other vehicles and landscapes. They may even help… Read More

Curb Painting Saves You Money, Time, and Frustration

Have you ever had a package that was supposed to be delivered Fed Ex or UPS go missing? Have you had a friend try to drive to your home in order to pick you up to bring you to work who was delayed because they were unable to find your home? If you live in… Read More

All Houses Look Alike? Try Curb Painting

Do you live in a place where all the houses look alike? This is one of the latest trends in the housing market – to create cookie-cutter homes that all look alike so that you can sell them more cheaply. This can be a great alternative for someone who is looking to buy an affordable… Read More

Curb Painting as an Easy Business Venture?

If you’ve been searching for curb painting online, you likely have seen that there are plenty of websites out there who claim that you can begin curb painting as an easy and profitable business venture. They say on these websites that it is an easy business to begin, and that it requires little capital, or… Read More

Top Five Reasons to Have Your Parking Lot Striping Professionally Done

1. Making the most of your parking lot. If you have not been trained in parking lot striping, or if you have never done it professionally before, you may not know how to make the most out of the space that you have available. A professional can help you to create a beautiful looking parking… Read More

Curb Painting and Your Home Business

With the gas prices steadily rising, many people are finding that it is more cost effective to work from home. They set up their business at home and begin to work, only to discover soon after that some of their co-workers, bosses, and even clients are having a difficult time finding their house! This is… Read More

Parking Lot Striping: Really That Big of a Deal?

More than one business owner has wondered if they should spend money in order to get their parking lot striping done by a professional. They figure that it is not that difficult of a job – after all, all you need to do is lay some lines down with some paint and your parking lot… Read More

Natural Shade and Parking Lot Striping

Have you ever been in a parked car in the middle of the summer? The heat can get to be so intense that sometimes you can actually cook an egg. People hate to park their car in an outside parking lot and leave it, only to return to find that it is sweltering hot inside… Read More

Why Take Parking Lot Striping So Seriously?

There have been a number of people who have wondered why those who own stores or parking garages should take parking lot striping so seriously. When it comes right down to it, the parking lot striping that is set up for your customers is just as important as the way your customer gets treated by… Read More

Parking Lot Striping: Taken for Granted

We live in a world where we like to have instant gratification, and due to this we often miss the things that are standing right in front of us that make our lives much easier. One thing that many people take for granted is parking lot striping. Most of us have drive to a store,… Read More