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Placement of Wheel Stops

When you are planning a parking lot, whether you are planning one from scratch or are re-designing one, do you ever think about the wheel stops? Wheel stops are an integral part of any parking lot, just as getting the lines painted correctly is an integral part. Wheel stops not only help people to keep… Read More

Painted Wheel Stops?

So you know that wheel stops exist in order to keep your vehicle from crashing into someone else’s, especially when it is parked, but what is the purpose of painting wheel stops? After all, why would you need to paint a large object that is made of concrete or wood? Painting wheel stops isn’t just… Read More

Curb Painting and Home Businesses

Most people will tell you that working at home is one of the greatest things that they have ever done. It affords them freedom to do what they want and the comfort to work in their pajamas, if they feel like it. One problem with at-home-businesses, however, is that people often have a difficult time… Read More

The Importance of Parking Lots

Have you ever visited a city that had very few parking lots? What you get is a holy mess. You get cars crammed on the street and people double parking. You get complete and total pandemonium. Most cities have rules that establish how many parking lots need to be in place and how they should… Read More

Doing It Yourself: Curb Painting

Some people believe that curb painting is very easy, and that they can do it themselves. Unfortunately, curb painting is not quite as easy as just stenciling on a few numbers. There are specific requirements in each city and state that you have to uphold when you are dealing with curb painting. If you violate… Read More

Colors Matter

Have you ever taken a minute or two to look at the colors in a parking lot? There are a few different colors that you will see in most parking lots, and the colors that are laid down during parking lot striping are extremely important. They not only have to be bright and visible, but… Read More

Curb Painting: Delivery Please!

When you are dealing with a delivery company, things can get frustrating. No matter whether you run a business out of your home, or you have your things delivered to your home, it is important that the item get to your home on time. When the delivery company can’t find your home, however, things get… Read More

Long Lines

Have you ever had to stand in a long line? It is extremely annoying to stand in a long line, or to be in a store and to not be sure where to go when you want to find something specific. This is one reason that most stores now have overhead signs directing their patrons… Read More

All About Curb Painting

What is curb painting? A lot of people honestly do not know what curb painting is or why people would pay to have the painting done. The process of painting a curb is to help people to know exactly where they are, and what your building’s number is. Some people feel that painting a curb… Read More

Wheel Stops: Saving Your Car

When you park your vehicle in a parking garage, do you worry that it will go anywhere? Probably not. The reason that you don’t worry about your car rolling off isn’t just because the car is on a flat surface, but because there are wheel stops that are keeping your vehicle from rolling where it… Read More

Signs On the Road

As vehicles are getting bigger, it is getting more difficult for some to see the signs that show where people are supposed to go. If, for instance, you are driving behind an 18-wheeler, you may not be able to see the sign in the parking lot that tells you which way to go to get… Read More

Celebrity Accidents

Are you a tabloid reader? Even if you’re not, you have probably heard about the massive amounts of accidents that celebrities are getting into lately. Some of them are getting into car accidents because they do not know how to properly drive, but there are those who are getting into accidents simply because they were… Read More