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Why and where do we need Wheel Stops?

Wheel stops are something that most of us must have noticed earlier but have not paid much attention to. Wheel stops are artificial blocks meant to stop vehicles from moving up and down the gradient. They are also used to prevent traffic from passing through. Apart from these, Wheel stops are also used in parking… Read More

How do traffic sign installations help?

Traffic sign installation refers to the signposts posted by local authorities with the help of the local administration and these are a part of any town or city with a large vehicle population. These signs are meant to be strictly followed by the vehicle users. The traffic signs indicate zones meant for parking, not parking,… Read More

Things to know about parking lot painting

Parking lot painting refers to the colors that are painted onto the pavement to help differentiate the parking space. Normally, all parking lots have uniform colors, but they could also include themes and attractive patterns. Different colors are used in parking lot painting mainly to distinguish the parking space meant for different vehicles like cars,… Read More

Things involved in curb painting

Curb painting refers to the service of painting addresses on curbs for homeowners. Individuals and groups who want to paint address numbers on curbs, either for a fee or on a donation basis, need to obtain a curb painting permit (PDF) from Code Services. Some of the things to be remembered while curb painting is… Read More

Use machinery for stripes painting

Painting of stripes in the parking lots is a routine affair. Parking lots, which manage cars in excess of 1,000 every day, need to be maintained almost on a regular basis. This, however, involves a lot of expenditure. There are some ways of bringing down the expenditure. Since the parking lot stripes have to be… Read More

Paint with the pavement

Parking lot maintenance should be  top priority since parking lots are frequented by hundreds of motorists every day. Besides, the vehicular traffic in the parking lots rise during the peak hour making management of motorists a difficult task. Therefore, it is important that the parking lots have the right striping and pavement space for the… Read More

Conform to environmental standards while painting stripes

Stripes painting is a very important component of managing the parking lots. As per rules, the parking lot manager is required to maintain the space provided in order to manage the movement of vehicles every day. The painting has to be very clear and visible to the motorists. If there is a slight problem in… Read More

Budgeting painting of stripes

Maintenance of the parking lots should be high on the agenda of the parking lot manager. Since the number of vehicles frequented is higher in the parking lot than anywhere else, instructions and guidance to the motorists should be to high standards. Basically, the experience of the motorists should be user friendly. In an effort… Read More

Stripes and barricades are essential

Parking lots are the most frequented places in the metropolitan cities, and therefore it is essential that the parking lots are maintained and kept well, which can include parking lot striping and painting on the barricades. Make sure that the space is allocated for the cars in the appropriate manner. In the process, parking lot… Read More

Paint parking lot stripes routinely

Every parking lot manager has to maintain the slots properly by painting them periodically. Any lapse in maintaining the parking lot could result in loss of customers apart from image. It could also lead to reprimanding. Therefore, parking lot painting should always be occurring. There are two approaches when it comes to parking lot painting…. Read More

Maintenance of stripes is must

Maintaining the parking lot is very essential, considering that most parking lots are used hundreds of motorists every day. If the parking lot is not maintained properly, then there could be serious problems. In an effort to avoid all these issues, it is advised that parking lot managers pay attention to the parking lots without… Read More

Striping the parking slots professionally

Parking lot striping should be a routine affair and should be carried out at least once every six months. The maintenance of the striping is necessary since there is the possibility of the paint wearing away due to weather conditions. The paint used for striping loses its quality on account of sun light and heavy… Read More