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Parking lot striping – Watch the lines, follow them please

An indication of how much attention has been paid to detail will be visible from the parking lot of a building. If the parking lot striping has been done in a hap hazard manner, it would not create a good impression. Whereas, if we were to drive into a campus where everything is neat and… Read More

Curb Painting – Serious and with a purpose.

In one country, you might find the curbs painted in black and white, whereas in another country, you are bound to see something different. This is because different countries have different policies regarding curb painting. There are some towns where the size and width of the painting on the curb is specified. This makes it… Read More

Parking lot painting – Drive in and find your space

For all those who live in huge apartment complexes, they will be aware of the problems pertaining to parking they face everyday. Some of the owners will randomly park their car in any available. Or they might not have a fixed parking lot and so will park wherever there is a free spot, blocking another… Read More

Curb Painting – Seek and find on the curb

Curb painting is not as easy as it sounds, or looks. In fact, it involves a lot of preparation and planning before one can get down to the actual painting. The local corporation body controls this project so they can keep watch on the quality of paint jobs carried out. They will also be able… Read More

Wheel stops – Proceed no further

Imagine you are driving into a restaurant and have found a parking space. It is near the garden, and will maneuver your car till your hit something that stops you in your tracks. Not to worry, these are wheel stops that have been planted to give you an indication of how far you can go…. Read More

Curb Painting – Paint and earn some extra

If you could paint the curbs on your street and earn some money, wouldn’t that make life easier? Well, this is at thought that enters most college student’s mind when they are looking for a way to make some extra money. If they are interested in working couple of hours every day painting curbs, they… Read More

Parking lot striping – Slide into your spot, for best effects

After a long at the office, we look forward to heading home and possibly going out for a movie with our family or friends. The drive in theater is is a great choice for its type of relaxation. Since a drive in theater has multiple rows for cars to be parked, systematic parking lot striping… Read More

Traffic sign installation – Watch and drive

Just like we have rules to run our lives, we must have appropriate traffic signs to run our streets. The STOP signs, NO PARKING sign and other signs need to be installed in correct locations to help people stay safe. Not only this, but authorities must make sure that traffic sign installation has been completed… Read More

Wheel stops – Stop right here please

Just like how a door stopper is used to stop movement of a door in the house, the wheel stops are used to stop cars and other big vehicles. These are used as a safety precaution in buildings where there are lawns or parks near the parking area. In places like hospitals or schools, where… Read More

Parking lot painting – Watch the lettering and park

Most of the parking lots today have clear parking lot painting which is visible from quite a distance. So when a person is pulling into the spot, he or she will know if it is meant for them or to somebody else. This will help keep chaos at bay and avoid unnecessary confusion. The painting… Read More

Traffic sign installation – School zone ahead, steer clear

The main purpose of traffic sign installation is so car drivers can follow directions and drive safely. They will be able to steer clear of oncoming traffic, and make their way towards their destination. Having a Traffic sign to let you know you can cross the road or where it is a school zone helps… Read More

Parking lot painting – Park only where meant for you

When we drive into a hotel or a movie theater, the first thing we do is looking for a parking space. And for this reason, there are parking lot paintings done to guide the drivers into the lot and onto the parking spaces. There will be spaces that are reserved for people who are employed… Read More