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Parking lot painting – Mark space for those who deserve.

While driving on the road, we come across many signs, which tell us what direction to follow or if the road is One way or No entry. These help us in driving and following the guidelines is one way of preventing accidents and maintaining smooth flow of traffic. Similarly, in building or shopping complex, if… Read More

Traffic sign installation – Directions and guidelines displayed on the streets

Traffic sign installation is the duty of the city council and is a way to ensure that there is an organized manner followed while driving and otherwise. Care must be taken to provide ample signs around the city and near the crossroads for people to watch out for. The STOP signs we notice in a… Read More

Parking lot striping – Drive in and slide into a free space.

When a person pulls into the parking lot, they expect to see clear markings on where they can place their vehicles so they can pull out easily as well. For this purpose parking lot striping is done by the road authorities. The color used is one that will remain bright for a long time and… Read More

Parking lot striping – Parking was never so much fun

When driving to an office or a shopping mall, if the parking lot is filled with cars all parked in an organized manner, it sure makes one smile and relaxes knowing they are bound to find parking space. If in case it was all haphazard, it would lead to complete chaos. The only way parking… Read More

Parking lot painting – Watch the symbols and play along

What makes parking lot painting something far different from the basic “Striping” is that the latter is to indicate the area where you park your car from where I park my car. A basic line or divider. Painting though, are the signs that symbolize why exactly you have to park your car in those columns… Read More

Traffic sign installation – Sign boards for safe driving

Ever since the dawn of civilization, people have been accustomed to following rules and being on the look out for signs to guide them. This applies to every aspect of life, be it while taking up a course to study or while moving around the city. So today, when almost every individual has a vehicle,… Read More

Traffic sign installation – Drive with no worries

When driving on the road we see traffic signs denoting the speed breakers ahead or U turn permitted or where the road just curves and doesn’t really turn. For a person who is in the driver’s seat, they will know what these signs mean, and so shall be able to navigate better. Traffic sign installation… Read More

Parking lot striping – Visible from a distance for smooth entry

In a crowded street filled with shops, there will usually be one particular area reserved for parking. In fact, this concept is applicable in huge shopping malls and in cinema theaters as a way to handle the heavy inflow of traffic. The vehicles parked will have to follow the parking lot striping that has been… Read More

Wheel stops –Durable and worth it.

As you are pulling into a parking space, if your tire hits on something that stops it from going forward, you should know that there are wheel stops in place. These are used to give the driver an indication that this is as far as he can go and he needs to shut off the… Read More

Trueline Striping, Inc Podcast on Parking Lot Striping and More

Listen to our podcast on parking lot striping, parking lot painting, and more.

Parking lot painting – Adequate space and neat indications

Parking lots can make a great first impression to a first time visitor or the location. If the lot has adequate spaces to suit the needs of compact cars, SUVs, Vans, Truck and short term parking, and it is neatly painted then people are more likely to feel good about the safety of their car… Read More

Wheel stops – The wheel stops right here.

In order to protect the pavement and to prevent people from parking their vehicles too close to the curb, wheel stops have been created and put in place. These are basically used to stop the vehicle from going any further, just as the name states, to stop the wheel. In case of buildings which have… Read More