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Curb painting regulations

Many people are not aware that different states specify curb painting standards for all addresses painted on the curbs in front of people’s homes. While you may be able to get away with a bright colored address painted on your own curb, or more specifically, while the curb painter may be able to get away… Read More

Permits for curb painting

While curb painting sounds like a simple enough job that just about anyone could do, it is not really a job that just anyone can do. Most states insist that you must have a curb painting permit before you can claim to be a curb painting professional. To obtain a curb painting, you must apply… Read More

Start your own parking lot painting business today

Parking lot painting is a job that is very closely related to parking lot striping, and in fact many of the providers who offer one type of service would undoubtedly offer the other service as well. It is a simple straightforward business, and not much preparation is required beforehand. You simply acquire the right paint,… Read More

The effective wheel stop should be…

If you are a driver, or even a passenger, and you try to recall where was the last place that you saw a wheel stop, probably only a single answer would come to mind – the parking lot. Whether it is the parking lot in the grocery, your workplace, or even in the mall, I… Read More

The paints we use in parking lot striping

Parking lot striping is a type of pavement striping. Pavement striping is in general the method by which the white lines that we normally see on the road are drawn. Parking lot striping is therefore the process by which parking spaces are marked off from each other. Generally speaking, parking lots use a lot of… Read More

The steps required for a traffic sign installation

Traffic sign installation is one of a number of ways that both motorists and pedestrians alike can be assured of their continued road safety. Traffic signs are normally installed after a request has been made for one – most usually it is the concerned motorists and pedestrians who are affected most on a daily basis… Read More

The wheel stop – What is that thing?

You may have seen them before and wondered what they were there for. Many people in fact see them every day and take them for granted. But they are the safety guards of the roads that keep your space separated from that of incoming traffic. The wheel stop is that solid piece of concrete that… Read More

Guidelines for traffic sign installation

Traffic sign installation is normally a straightforward process. One would however need to observe certain general rules and guidelines set by the relevant states when setting about on traffic sign installations. Generally, the traffic sign must be installed at a distance that is safely away from oncoming vehicular traffic. It should likewise be out of… Read More

Parking lot painting when seen from the inside

Many people often take for granted the amount of work and thought that goes into the preparation of the parking lot that they use every day. But the truth is that painting a parking lot is often times not as simple as it looks. A newly re-surfaced parking lot for instance would need to be… Read More

Parking lot striping – more than a paint job

It is true that parking lot striping has a lot of influence on the way that we view a business or a company. After all, it is one of the first things that most visitors would see going into a business. As a driver, one of the most irritable feelings that you could experience is… Read More

Curb painting in different states

Curb painting is not as straightforward a job as is sounds. In fact, some states do not even allow curb painting as a professional profit-making business outside of the states themselves; that is to say, some states specify routine curb painting by government officials only on a specified rotational business contracts. Such a service may… Read More

What Not To Do When Getting Your Parking Lot Painted

A number of people have boarded the parking lot striping and painting bandwagon due to the easy set up and low investment required for getting into the business. However, a number of them are extremely unprofessional, and have started a business with the sole aim of fleecing and fooling their customers. In case you are… Read More