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Stop there

Wheel stops refer to artificial blocks meant to stop vehicles from moving up or down the gradient. Normally, wheel stops are placed in front or back of the tires whenever repairs of the vehicles are being carried out. Placing wheel stops helps the mechanics in ensuring that the vehicles remain immobile. This will assist them… Read More

Choose the best color

Parking lot painting refers to the color pattern followed by the parking lot operators to distinguish areas meant for different categories of cars. The painting of the parking lot is carried out by the parking lot operators. Painting is carried out for three separate blocks within the parking lot. The first painting is meant to… Read More

Vehicle stop

Wheel stops refer to wooden or plastic blocks meant to slow down the speed of the vehicle while approaching a mall or a shopping center. The wheel stops are also used to reduce the speed of the vehicles at the entry to the parking lots. All shopping malls and parking lots should install wheel stops… Read More

Erect them

Traffic sign installation refers to signage posted by the local transport authorities in association with the local county administration on roads. The traffic signs have to be seriously followed by the vehicle users. A violation of the traffic sign could mean penalty for the vehicle drivers. Normally, traffic signs are displayed on metal and wooden… Read More

Line them up

Parking lots are now an integral part of any growing city. The parking lots are meant for parking vehicles. As per city planning rules, a parking lot should be established in every county depending on the number of vehicular population. When the parking lots are created, a set of rules is evolved to govern the… Read More

Tips for Hiring Parking Lot Painting Help

Parking lot striping is quite a profitable business nowadays. It is easy to set up and easy to start. And because of these inherent qualities of the business, it has spawned a large number of unprofessional parking lot painters and stripers who don’t know anything about striping lots. Instead they are interested only in fleecing… Read More

Follow the rules

Traffic sign installation refers to traffic posts installed at signal and traffic junctions to enable vehicles to cross over directions. Traffic sign installations are part of any city and town with large vehicle population. Traffic sign installations are basically aimed at regulating the traffic and movement of vehicles on the city streets. It is mandatory… Read More

Make it attractive

Parking lot painting refers to coloring the parking lot with attractive patterns and themes. Normally, all parking lots have uniform colors. However, the painting is used to distinguish the parking space meant for different categories of vehicles like cars, pick-up trucks, jeeps and station wagons. The parking lots are colored in blue, white, yellow, and… Read More

Paint them

Curb painting refers to painting the curb on the road. It is a standard practice in most major cities. There are many reasons for painting the curbs. The main reason for painting the curbs is to indicate the presence of the road edge. There are chances that car and vehicle drivers may be misdirected in… Read More

A handy job

Do you have some free time? Do you need a job? Want to earn a quick? Then here is a job for you. You don’t need to be an expert in this field. All you need to do is follow some instructions and the money is yours. The trade is called curb painting. Curb painting… Read More

Available everywhere

Curb painting refers to the color applied to road curbs to notify drivers if the lane or road they are on offers unloading, parking or no parking. The curbs are also painted to deliver messages to the drivers. Normally, the curbs are painted in several colors to denote parking space, passenger loading and unloading, no… Read More