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Traffic Sign Installation-Stop at the Right Spot

Free movement of traffic is the biggest responsibility of the traffic police in any country. Traffic lights are installed at intersections to ensure the smooth flow of traffic. Let’s look and see some of the technical aspects of traffic signals. The approximate weight of a traffic light if it is made of Cast Aluminum is… Read More

Wheel stops –Stop at the right spot

The rubber pads at the parking lot that help your car from hitting the bumper of another one is known as a Wheel Stop. They are very effective and help you to park your car effortlessly. You can have wheel stops installed in your house also to prevent your car from getting too close to… Read More

Traffic Light Installation-Ensuring Smooth Traffic Flow

Maintaining a smooth traffic flow in large cities has always been a challenge for local government. They try to install the most modern traffic lighting system to ensure that traffic flows without hindrance. Nowadays in the Western countries, fixed line traffic signals are becoming out-of-date. Companies are installing wireless lighting systems, which have lower installation… Read More

The man and the machine

Parking lot striping is quite an interesting job. With computer based equipment and high quality paints, the job is easy and profitable. Due to the high volume of traffic the parking lot striping is mainly done by spray painting. This helps the paint to dry fast and adhere to the condition for a long time…. Read More

Business as usual

Parking lot striping is now a booming business opportunity. It is now considered as one of the most profitable small scale business opportunity. The investments are low and with high profit ratio in parking lot striping business. The initial cost is only for the equipments and then the recurring cost includes the cost of material… Read More

Traffic Sign Installation-Ensuring Smooth Traffic

Traffic departments globally are always on edge in making sure that the traffic is flowing smoothly. With more and more people on the roads, departments in big cities try their best to ensure optimum traffic flow. Most of this is achieved by installing traffic signs and traffic lights. Traffic lights are the best solutions for… Read More

Parking concerns

Parking lot striping is a specialized job, requiring good machines and quality paints. Graco machines are the most popular in the industry and are known to do a great job. These machines are used for doing new layout, stripe removal, marking handicap spaces and lane dividers. It is also used for curb painting, stencils, surface… Read More

Wheel Stops-Helping you stop

Call them Bumper Curbs, Impact Curbs or Wheel Stops, they all have the same meaning. They help you to park the vehicle at the right place without hitting the wall or the bumper of another car. Wheel Stops made out of recycled components  are more durable than conventional concrete stops. Easy to install and a… Read More

Parking Lot Painting-Guidelines To Parking

When parking our car, we try to fit our vehicle into the parking space marked by the lines. These lines guide us to exactly place our vehicle in the proper location. It is imperative that parking lot stripes are always kept well painted and maintained. There are lots of companies, which do offer parking lot… Read More